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Rushmoor Arena


Rushmoor Arena is a secure area of 28 Hectares (68 acres) which as its centrepiece, houses a grassed / level arena floor of 4 Hectares, bordered by a Tarmac Road network with amphitheatre banking on 3 sides. Within the arena the security fence is mainly hidden by a mixture of tree species including Beech, Scots Pine, Oak, Ash and Hazel.


GU11 1DX

Activities that can be carried out on this site



The map below shows a sites approximate location for reference only. For further site details, or to arrange a visit please use the relevant contact below.

For location access and more information on filming contact:
Adam Young 07921 199181
[email protected]

For all other activities contact:
Kaye McLone or Karen Howard on 07483 152719 or 07717 542357
[email protected]