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Carrying Out Activities on Landmarc Managed (MOD) Property

Please bear in mind that Defence is our core business and this takes priority over all activities we run on MOD locations. If a site is unavailable due to operational requirements we will endeavour to find an alternative site.

We will deal with your request in a timely manner and will do our utmost to minimise delays. We will require proof of your Public Liability Insurance and you will also be required to submit a Risk Assessment to cover the filming activity. Without these documents we will not be able to issue a licence for the filming activity so it is imperative that these documents are submitted as soon as possible.

Please be aware; if your filming proposal includes the building of a ‘temporary structure’ such as a set then planning permission will have to be sought from the relevant planning authority. Construction cannot commence before this planning permission is received so please factor in the additional time required to complete the planning process.

Planning permission may also be required if the site is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). It is recommended that location managers check their filming proposals with the relevant local council at the earliest opportunity in order to avoid any delays later on in the process. The council will confirm if planning permission is required or not.


Filming on MOD Land

When requesting to film on MOD land you can help by giving us as much notice as possible – typically 10 working days is the minimum required. You should also provide as much information as possible as to the nature of the filming activity in order to avoid delays later on in the process. As stated above; proof of Public Liability Insurance and Risk Assessments should be submitted as soon as possible.

To apply to use a location, please use the application form:

Filming Application Form

Attach this to an email and send it to:  tony.burlton@landmarc.mod.uk

If the request contains any military content it will have to be cleared by our PR Department so please factor in some extra time for these types of requests. Depiction of actual MOD sites by name is not allowed.

If you have found a specific site or sites on the website that you are interested in visiting, please list them on the Location Application Form.

Basic Guidance for Users Filming on the Defence Training Estate

The document below offers basic guidance for users filming on the MOD’s national training estate in order to ensure that the activity goes as smoothly as possible.

Filming on MOD Training Estate Information Pack